Our History


In 1927, Forest Crabill started the family business while working from a small garage peddling hamburgers for a nickel a piece.  In a small corner of the old Firestone gas station on North Main Street, Forest moved his growing business to a more convenient spot in Urbana, Ohio.  This new location seated only six people, not to mention the people crowding inside and out, waiting for a Crabill burger.  Mr. Crabill had quite a business.
            Many generations have been a part of our family business and we have shared many memories.  Sadly, Forest passed away in 1956 at the age of 56.  Thanks to all of our customers who knew him, we now know what he was like from the stories they have shared with us.   Due to his death Freda, Forest’s wife, chose to take over the business.  Freda was able to run the business for 37 years until she left the majority of the work to close relatives.   In 1988 the firestone building was bought by another oil company, leaving Freda with a tough decision.  Mrs. Crabill wanted to retire and had no interest in relocating, so the old building was torn down and turned into a new gas station.
            A year lapsed and nothing was done with the business until, Marsha Crabill and her husband Andy Hiltibran became interested in rebuilding her grandparents business.  With her grandmother’s permission, and a lot of support from the family, Marsha and Andy were able to reopen the business in 1989.  Due to the great customers, the business quickly became successful once again.  Thanks to all the loyal customers, Crabills has been able to carry on a family tradition to a fifth generation. 
            Looking forward to serving you another 80 years and with sincere thanks to our customers.





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